What The Clients Say . . .

  • “Cerys is extremely approachable, not judgmental and eager to help with any areas that I brought to our sessions. I was constantly reassured and given direction that I sometimes didn’t initially accept but that always made me feel relieved a day or so later.
    Having completed my sessions with Cerys, I can still feel the benefits of my time talking with her – she has affected a positive change in me that I didn’t think was possible and ultimately helped me to face my challenges. I’ve taken the basic principles away with me and refer to them whenever my head gets “cloudy”. I am very glad that I met Cerys and let her help me.”

    Sarah-JaneCreative Director-Shoot Production
  • “Cerys is insightful, thoughtful, intelligent and not afraid to ask tough questions in order to get to the nub of issues. A complete professional, she also emanates warmth and understanding which helps when you are discussing challenging and often private and delicate aspects of your life, personality and career etc.

    Her techniques are powerful and I use them still to this day, which has certainly had a positive impact on my life.Ulimately, Cerys helps you gain a level of clarity and perspective which you simply could not achieve on your own. I cannot recommend her services enough.”