Working Together

  • Taking that first step may be daunting but it really needn’t be. I am friendly and approachable, I love meeting and working with new people. Be assured that you will be able to talk freely in a completely non-judgemental environment and know for certain that what you are saying is being heard. This is all done in complete confidence, of course

    When you are ready, we will have an introductory call which will be followed by our first session, this is when we really get a chance to get know one another and establish a rapport. I have a very informal attitude and we’ll converse in a relaxed manner as you would with a friend.

    Each session is 45-50 minutes long and can be in person, at a pre-arranged London location or via phone or Skype. The number of sessions required varies depending on what each individual client wishes to achieve. I don’t offer packages as I prefer to work organically and tailor the number of sessions to individual requirements.

    I’m often asked by clients, what is expected of them during this process. Well, you just need to approach the process with an open mind and a positive attitude. I will ask you questions designed to make you think deeply and prompt you to evaluate your current situation, in turn you will find your thought pattern changing thus creating a renewed feeling of positivity, which will propel you towards the future you wish for.  The tools I teach you will remain with you for the rest of your life to call upon whenever needed.

    Another questions I’m asked is how does life coaching does it differ to counselling? Counselling investigates past trauma and emotions, and how this affects the client in the present day, whereas life coaching deals with the here and now, promoting optimism by enabling the client to create better thoughts and achieve a positive outcome.

    In fact what I’d like you to know is that personal life coaching is suitable for anyone who wishes to achieve their true potential and lead a happy and fulfilling life.

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